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Microsoft Surface Tablet Price Tag

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Microsoft Surface Tablet

So, Microsoft has shown off its new Microsoft Surface tablet but no mention of a set in stone price yet(see below for latest prices now the Surface has been launched). Rumour has it we could expect to see the Microsoft Surface go on sale from as little as $600 up to about $700. Baring in mind that this is supposed to be competing with the Apple iPad it has to be some piece of kit to be priced that high.

Time will tell what will happen with the new Microsoft creation but after Steven Sinofsky’s embarrassing moment on stage in Hollywood launching the new tablet, it crashed in front of an audience and had to play Blue Peter and run to the back to grab another one. Not a great start.

But as I say, time will tell.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Current prices for the Microsoft Surface Tablet depend on the size of storage you require;

Microsoft Surface Tablet Prices

Dec 2012;
Amazon currently have a 64GB for £522
A 32GB for $438

These prices are on a level with equivalent iPads, which makes them competitive with the top of the range competitor products. Whether this price will allow the Microsoft Surface tablet to gain a significant market share, or does it need to be sold at a lower price in order to attract a larger audience?

Time will tell if the microsoft surface tablet will be successful or not, and whether Windows 8 will give Microsoft the competitive edge it needs?

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