Monday, July 15, 2024

Google takes Google maps to the next stage

Google takes Google maps to the next stage

Google maps is currently developing the latest in Google takes Google maps to the next stage by upgrading their normal Google maps to 3D.

Google is currently deploying a fleet of small aeroplanes that are equipped with cameras and plenty of technology to capture a 3D image of their already existing maps.

Google Has already put their new idea to the test over Read more

Google being warned for manipulating search results

Google has been given weeks to find a solution to put right the underlined problems that the European Competition Commissioner has found after being warned about manipulating search results for its own gain.

Joaquin Almunia, EU’s anti-trust chief sent a letter to Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, listing the four concerns that had been underlined in the antitrust investigation that has been ongoing since November 2010. Microsoft and a few other rival companies made complaints back in 2010 when it came to their attention that Google had Read more

New Credit Card comparison for Google

New Credit Card comparison for Google

Google have now come up with an easy and fast way to compare credit cards, current accounts and savings accounts when you search for any of the above with their new comparison box that will appear at the top of the page under the yellow advert box and above the natural searches.

Google bought the comparison website beatmyquote back in March 2011 and has been using this to test the new comparison tool on their main search page. A Google spokesman said that the new tool released on the 30th April is more visibly pleasing and transparent now.

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Google and Oracle in $1 Billion Court battle

Fireworks are expected in the largest tech lawsuit to date as a Californian law jury is sworn in to take on the case between giants Oracle and Google.

Oracle’s chief executive and founder Larry Ellison has battled with Google since August 2010 over alleged infringement of its patents and plans to sue  the search engine giant for Read more

Google Seeks a Full Time “doodler” for their Home Page designs

Google is currently advertising for someone to fill the position of full time “doodler” to create iconic designs for their home page in order to celebrate important days in history.

You will be based at Google’s Mountain View head quarters in silicon valley, California. Over the years Google has published hundreds of different Read more