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Social Media kills the Postcard

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Social Media kills the Postcard

After years of decline, it’s now official,  Social Media kills the Postcard once and for all.

For those of you who can vision going on holiday before the days of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Texting and Emailing can you remember that lovely feeling of being able to go and pick out a post card of somewhere you have visited on your holiday or perhaps of where you are staying.

Then trying to fit all of your exciting stories onto one side of the postcard and still making it read able, then sending it to someone back home just to make them feel that little bit jealous?

Its seems that a third of us Brits would send a post card home to a loved one but now only three percent of us bother and instead take our phones and computers away with us and post our pic’s online so everyone can see them.

Alexandra Richmond, an Analyst says “Younger Britons may never have experienced the joy of receiving a postcard in the age of social media and many others may have forgotten the sensory experience a writing set gives the sender. ‘We’re travelling more and we’re also more connected than ever before.’ Technological advancement means Brits now regularly send a text or digital photograph from their mobiles to friends and relatives or even send emails to inform friends of their holiday experiences, further indicating that electronic communications have taken over”

 Social Media kills the Postcard

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