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Facebook want button discovered

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Facebook WANT button discovered

It has been leaked that a potential ‘want’ button could be added to Facebook letting users ‘like’ a product or page as well as display that they ‘want’ it too.

 This isn’t fact yet and it will be interesting to see if the facebook want button becomes set in stone to be a new feature as this discovery has been made by Tom Warrington, developer of cut out + keep website, posted on his blog that he had discovered a Facebook want button in Facebook’s JavaScript SDK.

This is something that could obviously potentially help advertisers but the real use of it is a guessing game at the moment as Facebook hasn’t actually mentioned it yet.

We are still waiting to see if this button will be rolled out nationally or internationally. A Facebook want button would allow marketers to have a better idea of who is interested in which particular products or services. This information could prove to be very profitable, so it makes sence that Facebook would want to help their advertisers to see a better return on their advertising spend.

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