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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the newest phone on the block, with a stunning 4.8-inch 720p resolution capacitive touch screen display, an extremely slim and light design and a quad-core processor that runs at Read more

First Android phone prototype…Very different.

First Android.

This was the first deisgn for a Android phone.

Google‘s earliest version of Android has been awoken from the dead. Feast your eyes on what might have been Google’s first prototype Android phone.

The photo above shows a early prototype of Google’s Android phone,sporting a “Basic phone user interface”. It was shown to be on T-Mobile,
along with the idea for google to pay for peoples data costs if they brought the phone.

The screen is 160×120-pixel with 16-bit colours. It had a Qwerty keyboard, While the standard Android keys where Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Incredible Leak

Samsung Galaxy S3

This is the leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Only 12 days until the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or whatever it will be called) and there has been a incredible leak, A device which appears to be the S3 has appeared online, Supporting a 4.6 inch, 720p Display.

The leak has come via the Vietnamese site Tinhte revealing footage of a mysterious device, which gives what could possibly be the hardware specs for the S3 – we will find out on the 3rd of May.

The phone is thought to have an 8mp camera around the back and what appears to be a flash. Is all suspected to be powered by a 1.4GHz Quad Core possessor and 16GB of internal storage plus a Micro SD card slot to add even more storage to the phone is also Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Latest News

With 13 days to go until the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 it is still unknown as to when the smart phone will be available in high street stores. Latest news suggests that it might not live up to what people are originally hoping for and will simply be a minor upgrade from the S2.

Like Apple made the iPhone 4s from the iPhone 4 it seems that this is what we could expect to happen with Samsung. Sure the S2 was a very popular phone and still is but it seems to be said that the S3 will share all the same qualities but may hold a Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3

 As many people are at this moment in time, we are eager to see what Samsung are going to pull out of the bag with what is expected to be the King of Android Smart phones.

No one is certain as to when the Galaxy S3 will hit high street store but we do that the official grand launch date of the S3 will be at Earls Court, London on 3rd May 2012. Then we will find out what amazing features Samsung have built into what is expected to be slimmer than the Galaxy S2, which was released last year.

Even then Samsung managed to get Read more