Monday, June 17, 2024

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price Tag

Microsoft Surface Tablet

So, Microsoft has shown off its new Microsoft Surface tablet but no mention of a set in stone price yet(see below for latest prices now the Surface has been launched). Rumour has it we could expect to see the Microsoft Surface go on sale from as little as $600 up to about $700. Baring in mind that this is supposed to be competing with the Apple iPad it has to be some piece of kit to be Read more

iPad 4…or iPad Mini…or both?

iPad Mini

This is the suspected size of the iPad Mini next to the iPad 2.

There have been rumors recently that there is going to be a new ipad (The ipad 4 presumably) AND a iPad Mini to compete with the brand new Windows 8 tablets.

Speculation of a smaller iPad have been going about for a while now, no doubt it would be very Read more

The latest rumours on the IPad 4

Rumours are sparked once again about the new Apple iPad 4 which is expected to be released this year. It seems the Chinese web company, NetEase, has recently claimed that Apple is developing the new mini iPad 4 and will go on sale to compete with the new windows 8-based tablets that are expected to be released at the same time.

When the iPad 3 was released it didn’t Read more