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Facebook pay per click a waste of money

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Facebook Pay per Click a Waste of Money?

An undercover investigation was held and found that companies waste thousands of pounds on advertising through Facebook which doesn’t actually work.

Advertisers use Facebook to promote their business in an aim to attract people, get them to ‘like’ their page and then that person will receive information about that company and will hopefully buy the product they are trying to sell.

After an investigation held by the BBC show that people who ‘like’ a product have no intention in buying anything after a false company was created to prove how may clicks a company will receive and will have to pay for through the Facebook pay per click scheme and actually get nothing back from it.

Social Media Pay per Click

It was also found that many of the social network users who were clicking on the BBC’s false page were in fact spam pages. After being informed of this finding a spokesman for Facebook said that “A very small percentage of users do open accounts using pseudonyms but we use automated systems to help us detect them.” This did not however, stop the Virtual Bagel page from being created by the BBC.

Should you use Facebook Pay per click Ads for your marketing?

The most important thing here is to test and measure your response rates from any Ads you are running. If you limit your investment during the testing process, then you can decide for yourself, for your niche whether there is a viable return available for your niche.

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