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Designing your website to make it work

April 19, 2012 by  
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There is only one reason a business will create a website and that is to eventually make money. Whether it be to offer free downloads so people will come back and make a purchase, to allow people to leave comments and queries so you can then contact them and sell your product, or people simply buy something they like straight away.

Designing your website so people click in the right places to do this is crucial and a lot of companies do not achieve this with their websites.
Designing your website with the right layout is just as important as the fonts and colours. All of these are key, and it has to be right.

Ask yourself how many times you have browsed the internet to find the perfect handbag or the latest gadget, find yourself clicking into one site then coming out of it, clicking into another site then coming out of that one, all because it didn’t seem to grab your attention or show you what you were looking for. This happens a lot.

You need to make your website attractive and exciting, useful, and more importantly needs to be easy to use. Nobody likes the irritation of finding the product they like, want to buy it but the pay now box doesn’t stand out so by this time your put off the product and leave.

So bare all of this in mind when creating your website. Look at it as though you are the other person viewing the site. Would you add to favourites and go back?

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