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US Government Hack Games Consoles.

April 19, 2012 by  
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It has been reported that the US government and navy plan on hacking into games consoles, such as Microsoft XBox and Sony Playstation, to help police catch suspected paedophiles and terrorists, it seems that criminals are clever to the idea of not using email and mobile phones to discuss and plan illegal and threatening activity and are now using gaming to so.

While some of us may feel rather worried about this as to what personal information may be held on our gaming devices such as credit card details, others believe this could be a really good way to finally stamp down on a large number of criminal activity and are welcoming the idea.

It seems at this moment in time the US DHS (Department of home security) are currently purchasing used, unwanted games consoles from overseas and are extracting stored information to see what can be found and test their theory before they push to hack into multi-player online games.

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