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iPad 4…or iPad Mini…or both?

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iPad Mini

This is the suspected size of the iPad Mini next to the iPad 2.

There have been rumors recently that there is going to be a new ipad (The ipad 4 presumably) AND a iPad Mini to compete with the brand new Windows 8 tablets.

Speculation of a smaller iPad have been going about for a while now, no doubt it would be very popular if Apple did release a iPad Mini but Steve Jobs said he had no intention of releasing a smaller iPad, stating that 7 inch tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are useless unless they come with some sandpaper, “so that users can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size”.

Apple is apparently making the iPad Mini for a autumn release, According to rumours flying about. Kotaku cites Chinese site NetEase, which predicts 6 million units will be ready for launch to take on future Windows 8 tablets.
The report also claims that the iPad Mini will cost $249 to $299 ( About £160 to £190) Which is about half the price of the current iPad, The rumors also point that the iPad Mini will support a 7.85 or a 8 inch screen.

This video talks some more about the thoughts surrounding the iPad Mini.

Now to the iPad 4, not much has been predicted but suspected release dates are all ready being spread around like Chinese whispers. Some people think it may be released in October 2012, maybe with the iPad Mini? The information come from Digitimes which states that the information was confirmed by a Taiwanese component manufacturer.

They also say that the iPad 4 will come with some killer applications and beefed up hardware to compete with powerful new  Android and Windows 8 tablets.

Some more rumours about the iPad Mini.

I think it is also likely to be a March 2013 confirmation/release like the iPad 2 and the New ipad (iPad 3) and if that is true we will have to wait another 11 Months to get our little hands on the shinny new iPad 4.

This would give The recently released New iPad (iPad 3) more time to flourish in the market and when all the excitement dies down another iPad will be released.

Another line of speculation is that the iPad 4 will be the iPad Mini and only one tablet will be released.

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