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Samsung Galaxy S3 Incredible Leak

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Samsung Galaxy S3

This is the leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Only 12 days until the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or whatever it will be called) and there has been a incredible leak, A device which appears to be the S3 has appeared online, Supporting a 4.6 inch, 720p Display.

The leak has come via the Vietnamese site Tinhte revealing footage of a mysterious device, which gives what could possibly be the hardware specs for the S3 – we will find out on the 3rd of May.

The phone is thought to have an 8mp camera around the back and what appears to be a flash. Is all suspected to be powered by a 1.4GHz Quad Core possessor and 16GB of internal storage plus a Micro SD card slot to add even more storage to the phone is also mentioned.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also thought to have NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology and a 2,050mAh battery.

The display looks to have a resolution of 720×1,184 pixels coming with a DPI of 320 just below the 326 DPI offered by the Retina display of the IPhone 4S, but might be impressive on a screen that big. The phone pictured above has a model number of GT-i9300, which is suspected to be the model number for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Ice Cream Sandwich is also on board and the standard on screen buttons of ICS and on the phones ‘about’ page is supporting Android version 4.0.3.

Samsung Invite

This is the invite to the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch.

This is the invite to the Samsung launch. It is highly likely to be the S3.

I would not be surprised if this is not the final look of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Recent reports suggest that Samsung is packing up samples in differant casing to send out to their partners in order to keep the true design secret until the launch date of the 3rd May. The invite is above.

This leaked video shows the possible different casing  for the S3. (above for details)

What do you think of the S3? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


There are claims that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will also be the official phone for the Olympics to promote the London Games.

And …..

There is speculation that a Samsung tablet may also be released on 3rd May alongside the highly anticipated S3.

According to a report by CNET Asia, The device will be a 10.1-inch shinny new tablet. It seems strange that Samsung would release another 10.1-inch tablet, they already have 2 tablets with that screen size; and the Samsung soon to be released Galaxy Note 10.1.

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