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Facebook, the new form of ID.

May 4, 2012 by  
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It seems that Facebook has now become a form of ID when going into town at night time.

Bouncers are now asking people to open their Facebook profiles on their mobile phones as a way of checking that people are not using fake ID.

Charlotte Neal, 20 years of age from Southampton told a reporter that on a night out a few bouncers had asked her to open her Facebook App on her phone and she did so without really thinking about it. But after a few times she started to question why this was happening and it seems it was to do with clamping down on fake ID users who claim they are someone they are not in order to get into a bar.

Charlotte isn’t the only one complaining about this and wants to know why this has to be necessary. Many Radio 1 Newsbeat listeners posted on their Facebook Pages that this had happened to them and many not agreeing to it. It seems it wastes time and the cues are long enough to get into a popular club anyway, let alone having to get your phone out hope for an internet connection and bring up Facebook.

A doorman from Worthing contacted Radio 1 and told them that the reason they have to do things like that is to stop underage people entering the bar. If someone is found to be underage in a club it can cost the bar £5,000 in fines so the doorman have to be on the ball. There are too many people getting hold of Fake ID now and spotting the real from the fake can be hard.

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