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Tips for Email Marketing

May 8, 2012 by  
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When marketing a product or your business, email marketing is still the key way of doing this but presenting it right is important otherwise it will be seen as junk mail and deleted.

The first and most important key tip is to send emails to those who you know have shown interest or have subscribed to something in the past. Create multi lists so you don’t send emails to customers who would have no interest in this subject.

The next key tip to use is to pay an email marketing company to create and send your emails for you. Paying a company to monitor how many people opened your email and how many deleted it and at what time. Where do people click once they open your email? This is a great tool and definitely worth paying for.

As important as it is to make it easy for people to opt in or subscribe to receiving your emails, make it easy for people to opt-out if they wish to do so. The one thing when receiving spam emails is not being able to find the opt-out link on their page; this can be very frustrating for people who continue to receive emails that have no relevance to them. Having this option there can actual have the opposite effect.

When creating your email, sign it off with a real name stating who it is from. For example, when you send the email and your potential customer looks to see who it is from, use a real name like [email protected] .

When people see they have received an email from a real person not a company name they are more likely to open it straight away.



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