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What is Pay Per Click?

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The term pay per click in online advertising is very simple. You can simply pay an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company to move your business up the Google rating list or you can go to Google directly and apply to have your business appear in the top three results or on the list to the right hand side of the page instantly. But this will still cost you.

You do not pay an initial fee and only pay when someone clicks on your page. Which as you can imagine can cost you as a business owner a lot of money because you are potentially the first link people will click on when they search and yes if they enter your site and leave again you still have to pay google.

This to many people can seem like a waste of money but that is the whole idea it is about taking that risk. So it is very important that your website works and that it encourages people to spend money with you. It is also vital that your keywords work too, this will cost you money too so remember to choose your keywords wisely and do your research.

Many business take the safer option of paying an SEO company to do all of this for them so they pay a fee at the end of each month and trust that the work will be done for them and it will not cost anything more than what they have already paid.

But this process can sometimes take you longer to see a difference in your profits as you have to start generating traffic on your website first to move up the rating list. Where as the pay per click option puts you straight to the top. It all depends on how much of a risk you are willing to take.

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