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New Online Game Sites 2013 – Viespy Photo Treasure Hunt I Spy Game

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Viespy – New Online Game Sites

Viespy is a brand new way to play the ancient game of I Spy online. Viespy is a new online game for 2013, that lets you set ‘missions’ of 10 items to find and take photographs of. You can then upload your photos onto the website and compete against your friends.

Depending on how easy or difficult you think it will be to find a particular item or object, you can allocate different points within each mission.

The only limit for your missions is your imagination.

The new online game Viespy can be used by tourists boards, museums, tourist attractions, country houses, parks, towns, cities, clubs, societies and groups and is a great way to encourage people to look around and explore your facilities.

There are limitless possibilities for creating missions to play with your friends, for nights out, stag and hen parties, day trips, road trips, school holidays, scouts, cubs, guides and brownies events and activities, school field trips, educational events, team building, team training, you can use Viespy for them all.

All you need to play is a free account that you can sign up for here

Foto Ferret has created a new online game

Hi, I’m Foto Ferret

Then you just need a digital camera, or a smart phone.

Uploading photos is easy, either straight from your memory card on your computer, or by using either our Android App or or iPhone App which will both let you upload the pictures you have taken straight into whatever mission you are playing.

When you sign up you are automatically given some free coins which allow you to play more missions against more people. You can win more coins totally free by playing ‘Public’ missions where you compete against everyone else rather than just your friends.

If you want to buy more coins to upgrade faster you can, but you don’t have to.

Sign up today and start creating some missions to play with your friends…… go to Viespy Tutorials to watch videos on how to play

Or find out more about the Viespy game

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