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Electronic Cigarettes Usage Growing Fast

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Electronic Cigarettes


The rise in the use of electronic cigarettes in the UK is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. More and more smokers are switching to vaporizing e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco because of the health benefits as well as the added convenience.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizer devices atomise nicotine vapour without the majority of the nasty ingredients associated with smoking tobacco, including, tar, carbon monoxide, as well as the carcinogenic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. This makes electronic cigarette smoking a much safer alternative which is far less hazadous to your health.

How electronic cigarettes work

The Benefits of E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes have several advantages over traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Bypassing current UK anti-smoking legislation, e-cigarettes offer a practical alternative to smoking in public places. Many locations where smoking has been banned in the UK since July 1st 2007, permit the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. There are a few locations that don’t understand the law and do not allow you to ‘vape’, but the majority have no problem.

The vapour emitted by e-cigs is mostly steam, with traces of nicotine which on its own has been proven to be no more harmful than caffeine. It is the other ingredients in cigarettes that make passive smoking so antisocial and without those chemicals, the tar and carbon monoxide, e-cig vapor is much less harmful to health.

A recen study found that for the majority of smokers, vaporizers are used as a means to quit smoking… see the findings here

E-cigarettes have other benefits too. Because of the large range of flavours of e-liquid available, users have far more choice when it comes to the taste and blend of their nicotine hit. Most e-cig users initially want a taste that is the same as the brand of cigarettes that they enjoy, but after a few weeks, many move on to trying fruit flavours, coffee, vanilla, chocolate etc which still deliver the great nicotine hit that they are looking for, but with a more palatable taste. Why have vapour that tastes of cigarette when you can have something altogether more fragrant and delicious?

Electronic cigarettes have two main advantages then, reduced risks due to much lower levels of carcinogens, and the ability to be able to use then in pubs, clubs, cinemas, restaurants, company cars, vans and lorrys, offices, shops, cafes, banks, airports, trains, buses, factories, on the tube, hotels, around children, and even on some flights. This gives the smoking community much more freedom to get their nicotine without the anxiety of wondering where the next ‘smoking area’ will be found!

Ecigarettes come in two basic designs, the electronic cigarette that looks similar to a traditional cigarette and a vaporizer that looks more like a pen.

an electronic cigarettes vaporizer with a clear e-juice reservoir tank

They both work using the same principles, of heating e-liquid to produce vapour.

Read this detailed information on e-cigarettes V vaporizers for more about the merits of each. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Many smokers initially want a ‘cigarette like’ vaping experience, so opt for an e-cigarette. A large number of them then move on to a quality vaporizer after a while however as with a vaporizing device you have several advantages. The batteries are larger so vaporizers are more practical and because the e-liquid is in a reservoir instead of being held in a cotton wool like material within a cartridge where the filter would be on a cigarette, the delivery of consistent nicotine vapour is much better.

This means that even when you only have a small amount of eliquid left in your device, you still get the same satisfying nicotine hit that you need. Electronic cigarette vapour tends to weaken as the cartridge is used up, and because you can’t see the amount of nicotine left in the cartridge, you can never be sure when you will run out.

Additionally, with a vaporizer you can mix up a blend on e-liquid to suit your smoking palate whereas with an e-cig you can only choose from a more limited range of pre-filled cartomizer cartridges that fit your specific device.

Electronic Cigarettes Summary

The device that you choose will be a matter of personal preference. What you want at the end of the day is a reliable delivery system for nicotine that you can use where you choose. Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers offer you just that.

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