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Samsung Galaxy S3

April 18, 2012 by  
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 As many people are at this moment in time, we are eager to see what Samsung are going to pull out of the bag with what is expected to be the King of Android Smart phones.

No one is certain as to when the Galaxy S3 will hit high street store but we do that the official grand launch date of the S3 will be at Earls Court, London on 3rd May 2012. Then we will find out what amazing features Samsung have built into what is expected to be slimmer than the Galaxy S2, which was released last year.

Even then Samsung managed to get 5/5 ratings for the S2 for its slim case and large screen and press releases went through the roof it did that well up against other Android mobile phone makers.

So that was the S2, what can we expect to see from the S3? Irritatingly nobody really knows yet. Samsung is doing a very good job at keeping all information hidden. Some suspect that the S3 is bound to be powered by duel-core processor yet other rumours say we could expect a quad-core chipset being installed, as this is in the pipeline for Samsung.

A slim and light metal case maybe and a flush and discreet 12mp camera.

When the S2 first came on the market it retailed at £500 and contracts a minimum of £46 per month which was huge, but it still sold well with brilliant write ups. What prices can we expect to see for the new S3 model? We will have to wait and see.

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