Monday, June 17, 2024

Website conversion rate

Website Conversion Rate

Every website serves a purpose, whether it be to promote a product or business, allows people to communicate with friends and family or simply sell your product and make money. Whichever it may be you need it to work and understand how to make it work.

How your website users interact with your site is hugely important to your long term success online.

Web Conversion rate (As explained here by Deeho is basically the number of people who actually click onto the homepage of your website, view it, and then continue to another page or pages of your site, for example to end up on the, ‘thank you for your order’ or ‘thank you for your comment’ page at the end of their visit. The rate of how many times this happens on your site in measured at a percentage rate and called a conversion rate.

Conversion is without doubt the most important process that your website needs to perform. With conversion, you will waste all of your investment of time and money into marketing your site content.

It is also much easier in most instances to increase your conversion rate rather than just driving more traffic to your site.

Web traffic is expensive so making the most of every visitor that you receive is vital to profitability.

Before you scale up your traffic volumes, you need to measure and track all of your visitors, where they come from, what keywords they use, what landing pages they use to enter your site, and then, what pages they visit, what links they click on & what page they leave from.

Once you are armed with this information (using Google Analytics is the obvious and free choice) you will have the information that you need to be able to improve the journey through your content.

This serves several purposes, firstly, you will reduce your bounce rate which Google uses to determine the usefulness of your site, and secondly, you will increase the volume of leads & sales generated from your site.

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