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New Credit Card comparison for Google

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New Credit Card comparison for Google

Google have now come up with an easy and fast way to compare credit cards, current accounts and savings accounts when you search for any of the above with their new comparison box that will appear at the top of the page under the yellow advert box and above the natural searches.

Google bought the comparison website beatmyquote back in March 2011 and has been using this to test the new comparison tool on their main search page. A Google spokesman said that the new tool released on the 30th April is more visibly pleasing and transparent now.

Google’s product management director John Paleomylites says “The enhanced service is now easier to use for consumers and will provide higher quality traffic for advertisers. We will introduce this improved design layout for searches around credit cards, current and savings accounts in the UK.”

In Sept 2012 Google bought in order to establish their own comparison site in the UK….. read more

It is starting to look like an all out war between the main Comparison sites and Google launching their own.

It look increasingly like Google is no longer content with organising information and presenting it to people looking for goods and services. Now it wants to monetize that traffic itself, setting up in direct competition against its current customers, many of whom are currently paying it significant Ad revenues.

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