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Smells like Macbook pro

April 20, 2012 by  
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For those of you who treated yourself to an Apple Macbook Pro, can you still remember that ‘brand new’ smell as you opened the box? To many readers this may seem silly but for all of you Apple lovers you may be thrilled to hear that a fragrance has been produced that smells of ‘New Macbook’.

Smells like mac book pro

Smells like Macbook Pro

Australian artists Simon McGlinn, Gavin Bell and Jarrah de Kuijer clubbed together to produce a very original project for their Greatest Hits art project which will soon be exhibited in  Melbourne’s West Space art gallery. With the help from fragrance company Air Aroma, The three men have reached headlines with their weird and wonderful art project.

Unfortunately this will never become something available for you or I to buy so it seems the only way to find out what a Brand new Macbook Pro smells like is to either jump on a plane to Australia or simply buy a Macbook.

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